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I have to laugh, or else I'll cry. QA has a major hole in it. At this moment, the above link shows The Truth About Hillary : What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President as a top selling nonfiction.

Media Matters for America has detailed several errors and glaring omissions in the Vanity Fair excerpt of Klein's book, including:

  • Klein falsely claimed that Clinton "suddenly turned up a long-lost" Jewish relative in response to furor over her controversial embrace of Suha Arafat. In fact, the Suha Arafat incident came months after news of Clinton's Jewish relative -- a fact that even a careless fact-check should have easily caught.

  • Klein claimed that during Clinton's Senate campaign, she underwent a stark change from "left-wing ... radical bomb thrower" to a "newly minted ... kinder, gentler, family oriented candidate who championed such issues as children's mental health." In fact, Clinton has "championed" children's mental health for decades, as a fact-check should have quickly revealed; in 1985, for example, she began a successful effort to raise money for and build a "mental health agency for emotionally troubled children," according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

  • Klein repeated the tale of Clinton and the Yankees hat, writing that after her claim to have always been a Yankees fan, she "looked more like an out-of-touch carpetbagger than ever." But Clinton had, in fact, always been a Yankees fan.

If the excerpt that appeared in Vanity Fair was "carefully fact-checked," one shudders to think what the result of a cursory fact-check would have been.

Amazon needs to classify these books a bit better I think... But do they have a "bullshit" classification?


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